New option for Xcode schemes called "hideIssues"

In the recently released Xcode 7.3 beta there is a new option for build actions in Xcode's xcschemes called hideIssues. This option is set to »

Let’s Encrypt with nginx (and digitalocean)

So if you want to enable a secure communication with your website, one possible way is to use SSL certificates and offers them for »

Code Coverage in Xcode 7

Remember to set the Build Flag Build Active Architecture Only to Yes in your Debug configuration for the target you want to test. Otherwise Xcode will »

Embedded Content Contains Swift Code

So today while writing some UnitTests I came accross an interesting error: The only error message that appeared in XCode's debug window was the following: *** Test »

Remote iOS debugging

There are multiple reasons for the need of remote debugging. In this case I needed to connect an iPhone to a Windows PC :/ and debug it »